Where o where do I begin? Well, let’s start with the catalyst for my thoughts I endeavour to pour out into the ether. I was driving along, trying to dodge traffic, when I noticed a large piece of graffiti on the train line. It was a crudely drawn Aboriginal flag with the words “No pride in genocide” inscribed upon it. My heart sunk. It struck me that this was likely not the work of an indigenous Australian. This was more likely the work of some left wing pinko, who gets a rush of endorphins when he goes in to bat for a group of disadvantaged peoples. Firstly, I do not argue that, largely, indigenous Australians are disadvantaged, so are the immigrants (of which my father was one), the fairer sex (of which my mother is one), the disabled, the elderly, the poor and homeless and, to the surprise of many, all human beings in one way or another. Disadvantage comes in many shapes and sizes – it ain’t all about money. There is an advantage Indigenous Australians hold, though largely unaware of, and that is a little something known as sovereignty. Us gubba cunts never had sovereignty, we were always the property of the British monarch.

Genocide is a big call, and if you’re going to make that call, you want to have some evidence to substantiate it. I doubt that person who drew that artwork, or the countless people putting up flyers of similar sentiment, have a doctorate in Australian history and neither do I, so I’m not saying it did or did not occur. What I do have, however, is an open mind and an understanding that the multitude is invariably wrong. Okay, let’s get back to basics here and remember that the first European settlers were convicts used to colonise this land. Try to imagine the disdain you might feel if you had been transported half way across the world on a life sentence to serve some blokes in red coats acting on the orders of the British monarchy. I think I’d have just as much animosity toward the governor as the natives of this land (though it should be noted that the stories handed down through certain tribes indicates differing degrees of acceptance of the newcomers). In fact, placing myself in the shoes and shackles of the convict, I think I’d like to be friends with those dark skinned fellas if they could teach me how to live freely on this foreign soil. The point I’m dancing around here is that while white-liberal guilt tells us that “we” as white Europeans stole this land from the traditional custodians, this is narrow-minded, racially obsessed, fantasy. People have left class out of the equation and forgotten that IF a genocide was committed here, it was by the ruling elite. Do we blame the average American for the bombing of Afghanistan and Iraq? Of course not! That shit is on Bush, Cheany, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell and the people who pull their strings. I might also suggest that the same people pulling the strings of the United States administration are the same blood as those behind whatever level of mistreatment, killing and enslaving of Australian natives.

Now, I could go on and on forever about some of the myths propagated by historians setting agendas to suit their own egos but I feel anyone interested in exploring some of the misunderstood aspects of Colonial Australia will find a lot to think about by visiting This website opened my eyes to many misconceptions regarding European and Indigenous relationships from then until now. One particular theory challenged is that of frontier wars and feuding over resources. There seems to actually be very little hard evidence of these aspects and when considered logically, European agriculturalists and nomadic hunter-gathers would seldom seek the same resources, meaning the need for coastal colonists to invest themselves in systematically eradicating a race who rarely stood in the way of their so-called progress is rather ridiculous. This isn’t to suggest that the red coated bastards did not think themselves superior to the natives and had little problem ending their lives if it suited the agenda. It’s also not to suggest that the men in charge weren’t smart enough to learn what they could from the original inhabitants and treat them with respect when it would benefit their agenda. Like I said it’s an interesting website and it really helped me to reconcile my reverence for indigenous peoples (Australian and worldwide), my loss of self and my disdain of tyranny and the ruling elite.

Now this brings me to some of the hard truths which pinkos seem to not understand or conveniently forget when we talk about “being on someone else’s land”. Firstly, my Aboriginal friends invariably tell me how their oral tradition seldom speaks of “ownership” of the land. The traditions prefer the term custodian to that of ownership. The concept of ownership over any part of nature is something brought by imperialist interests. This is true all over the world. The real struggle, in my opinion, is between Nomadic man and Civilised man. Civilised man is doomed to dominate his neighbour in a bid for resources while Nomadic man, lives in harmony with the planet, understanding when to take and when to give. Since the dawn of civilisation, man has migrated and battled for the rights to resources, staking his claim wherever he goes. Do we forget that the land we think of as Britain was once made up of countless tribes all of which were subjugated by a Frenchman in 1066. Rome itself was founded by Indo-European invaders from the north and eventually conquered by Germanic tribes. Similar can be said for Ancient Greece. These great civilisations that gave birth to continuing advances in art, philosophy and science that eventually fuelled the modern western world were in the business of killing those who refused their power and influence. It’s called natural selection… but I don’t know exactly how natural things have really been since the civilisation of Sumer some 6500 years ago. I think the clay tablets dating back to 4500 to 2000 BC have much to tell us about extra-terrestrial interference of the selection process.

I have formed fantastic bonds with people of all creeds and colours in the 35 years I’ve spent on this planet. I’ve also formed some pretty amazing bonds with animals and plants. An Elder in my neighbourhood once told me I should consider myself as an Indigenous person due to these bonds and the fact that “indigenous” simply means that you live in the place you were born. I think all this activism on behalf of Indigenous Australians only solidifies the separation between Europeans and natives. It supports the idea that we are different and forgets that we are all humans who have suffered under psychological tyranny of a non-human group, some for longer than others. The masters of the human race have taught us to subjugate each other in the same fashion they subjugated us thousands of years ago. Ironically, it is the Europeans, and in turn what we call the western world, who have suffered under this tyranny much more than any other race and for so long that it has become a part of our nature. Thousands of years of brainwashing, handed down genetically has removed us from our place as Natives of planet Earth and this is truly a disadvantage.

A close friend of mine, an indigenous Australian, speaks often of the need to rejoice in being far more distant from this insidious manipulation of nature that plagues much of humanity and his honest desire that his people will stop feeling sorry for themselves and accept that they are just one of the most recent people to fall under the spell of politics and religion. There is a much larger issue at hand than land rights and recognition as the traditional “owners” of this one particular country. To understand how irrelevant Australian history is, is to understand world history including antediluvian history. Forget race, forget nations, forget theological discrepancies and start thinking about blood. For it is but a few concentrated bloodlines (or tribes) that prevail in the darkness while the remaining bloodlines/tribes have been scattered under definable banners like “America”, “Britain”, “Islam” and even “Zionist”. We’ve been tricked into identifying ourselves under titles such as these and have forgotten we all trace our evolution back to a central and unified point, and we’ve battled and fought our way to be here today. I don’t care who you are, killing is in your genes. Somewhere along the survival of the fittest, one of your ancestors had to kill or be killed. The fact you live and breathe today is because that creature was not killed, evidently meaning he killed in order to survive and continue his bloodline. You are the result of that killing, and your fight or flight mechanism is a hereditary response formulated from way back then. Sorry, pinkos killing is in your blood and I am not a bigot or a fascist. Moreover, your politically correct agenda is the true fascism. Stop carrying out a third or fourth hand agenda and think and do for yourself. Care for others, yes, but don’t throw away your experience as an Earthling fighting causes. If you really feel a connection with the Natives of this land, TALK TO THEM. Then park your arse by a river under a big old Gum tree and commune with nature. Stop talking and listen and you might just hear the universe telling you that everything is just fine, and then all you have to do to make the world a better place is just breathe. Peace.



The roll has been slowed. The ego has receded. The pain is at bay. The muscles are relaxed. The inhibitions have been cast to the side… The love is felt. The peace is all consuming. The harmony – it does not exist… The drugs do work. The starting again happens in the following paragraph.

This goes out to the goddess, Eris. Eris my love… the things I will do to you when I find you… The music halts abruptly… Everybody… needs somebody… to get drugged up with and perhaps love for a fleeting moment. Love for a minute – fuck for hours. Argue with a fool like a foolish motherfocker. Confuse your blog with your spirax. Discord for a new millennium.

Take sixteen:

Love is not what you share with one other person. Love is an energy that one is best not to attempt to harness and reserve for one particular human. In the interest of not alienating anybody who is so dedicated to another, I respect the loyalty you have for said other. But that’s what it is – loyalty. More power to those who commit themselves emotionally and/or sexually to one person. Monogamy is the backbone of civilisation. Thing is… I care little for civilisation. I care more for evolution, which civilisation has disrupted. A needed disruption though it may be. I am an animal and a god, neither of which will limit itself to the concerns and interests of a single person. As we step into Aquarius, loneliness is just to be expected – but… Rather than be lonely in a group, I prefer true solitude all by myself. Latching on to another does little justice for your soul, nor the soul of he or she you claim to be your one and only.

So, on to the usual existential commentary; we are all just infinite beings made of light inhabiting temporary vessels we call bodies. The sounds shift us, moves us, transforms us… thus in the beginning, was the word (or the logos for those who have done their research) that set the story of evolution in motion. Must we walk around the edge of the rabbit hole forever, fearing to chase the white rabbit? The wars, the banking scam, the occult, all keeping us trapped thinking the material we navigate is real… it all has become apparent at the right time for us to stay asleep at this pivotal moment in the story. We will become robots (some of us have made the transition already) and trans-humanism is a pretty word for it. None of this is good. If your spirit is happy inside your body right now, you’re not adventurous enough and if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying close enough attention. But I love you all the same. But until you love me back, I love drugs even more. See, the drugs I love most all originate from plants, and I love plants.

As far as the fallacy of reality goes… Let me fight and let me fuck and let the beast keep score. Admittedly I haven’t ranked up in a while. But as far as the infinite journey I was supposed to have forgotten about goes… I’m going to many strange places – I mean, I’ve been to many strange places… No. No. Nine. Not. I am in strange places. Please don’t drag me into the illusion. Suffer with your madness without me, or roll with me… sorry, it’ll never happen. Eris has done all she can for me and I have to experience the snub in my own way for my expression of free will.

You, of all people, should understand the madness expressed here tonight. It’s not madness. It’s not even anger with a system I did my part in creating. Now, go and try to live, love and have fun… I promise to do just the same. Peace. Be well… and fuck runnin’ errands or wearin’ a chicken on my hat.

2017 What the Fuck is Going On?

All hail Eris!! Eat your hotdog and shut the fuch up. Peace and Discord be with you in whatever harmonious yet chaotic way they find and direct you… Time to watch the world burn.






Renounce all false gods, especially the true ones. Keep the faith if you do not believe in anything or anyone yet still believe there is something worth believing in and are convicted in the absence of divinity in the universe. Your scepticism is valued …



The search is over.



kongShow some respect by never telling others what to do.

Time waits for no man except he who waits for time. Time is the master. Time can be a disaster. Saturn greets all who pass through this end of the cosmos. The Goddess means we don’t fear the reaper…


The Semanephrious Buttnoids have left your pants…

Greetings digital entities,

Here I am, back again. Going in the opposite direction to usual. Partial to slow drugs – because I’m generally too quick for the people I encounter in the real world… Though I opted to go with the quick stuff today… and now it’s 3am-ish and probably a good time for…

ah where was I… nope… that beat Ricardo DeForce plays on that brick of a telephonic device has consumed my interest. Anyways…

Profound is what has been come to be expected. Well, let me not disappoint… but let me be quick and to the point in the spirit of the substance that has altered my central nervous system. Okay…

“As you ramble on through life brother, no matter what be your goal –                                                   keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.”                                                                             – Dr Murray Banks (quoting from elsewhere)

Peace! If you’re going to do something – enjoy it. Love your drugs until you hate them. While doing so, be safe, be well and be in the favour of your chosen gods, for it is certainly not “demons” that attract you towards altering your consciousness through the use of mind altering substances… Let me advance this theory for your consideration; It is that adversarial force – belonging to the essential creative source which causes the bulk of humanity to be discontent with our perception of, and relation to, “reality” – this force which we resist is the catalyst for evolution… lift physical weights and your body’s muscles will grow. Lift mental weights and your mind will gain strength.

To extrapolate my meaning some more, I mean, if you perceive the world for what it truly is, you may find a great challenge in mentally adjusting as you “ramble on through life”, so take it from an, apparently, qualified drug and alcohol counsellor – drugs are a great form of mental adjustment to the truth of the reality known to Earthlings, especially humans. Yes there are many other forms of adjustments that are debatably healthier, but the persistence of BULLSHIT in this existence generally causes whatever adjustments we make to require repetition… whether it’s drugs, work, fitness, social connection – if you repeat it enough, IT IS AN ADDICTION. So never look down on the apparent drug addict if just going to the same place every day and collecting a paycheck at the end of the week is your form of repetitive adjustment to an insane world which you have employed as YOUR solution.

Life doesn’t suck – just the people who presume to dictate what life is. Until they fuck off, do what works, and I’ll continue to wish peace for you emphatically. Peace!!

P.S. If you’re still not convinced… this is all I can offer in my defence


You’re no fun anymore

2016 – the beginning of the end. Well, here’s hoping. You see, some of us just want to watch the world burn. When people ask me “What makes you happy?” I usually give them convoluted answers that comprise 50% of what they want to hear and 50% of what I want to say, but I rarely speak the simple truth… I want to watch the world tear itself apart. Honestly, I might prefer paradise, but that’s unlikely. The world is always threatening to implode, but it never does, and to me that’s just a woman taking off her bra and screaming “Whatcha lookin’ at?” So in the immortal words of echs Incognito – “You’ll all kill each other eventually – GET IT OVER WITH!”

But, this aint about me and my wishes. What makes you happy? – You people who ask me that same dumb-arse question… What? Blissful ignorance? I’d rather be aware of reality and miserable than blind to the truth and happy. Happiness is over-rated. Happy slaves – everywhere… the cause of my misery. So to the conceited arseholes who extend fake sympathy to me like I’m some kind of charity case and they are in a position of strength… I need to remind you of your weakness, because the moment I take away your bread and circuses YOU ARE WELL FUCKED AND FAR FROM HOME! and then, and only then, will I be HAPPY.

Test common perceptions and tear official stories apart – that’s me.

Herd mentality and believing what suits your mundane existence – that’s you.

No, fuck it. I’ll tell you what makes me happy… Making music, taking drugs and engaging in some sexual activities that some people might find offensive. That makes me happier than a pig in shit. And better still, knowing how I can do these things, live fast, die young, leave a fat bloated corpse and move on to other worlds where I can obtain the truth I seek, and you can move on to another prison planet to offer you safety and security from the truth you deny. That puts a smile on my loaf and it still sucks to be you.

Quick, the world’s burning! Some grab a hose, others run for their life… I watch and laugh.

This is not REAL

So much writing I have to do for studies leaves me with little mojo to summon up the material worthy of a rant… so all quiet on the Western front.

Getting older in the body. Younger in the mind. Spirit not subject to time. There’s a point to all this decay and misery… just keep telling yourself that… get to the next stop.

I was once free, never trapped… there was always an option, a path to fleeting moments of happiness.

Paths close, bridges get burnt. Options become limited.

Still at least I can walk the rough streets day or night and don’t fear the strange or the familiar. The world are my people. Love em or hate em.

These are my thoughts, useless as the cyberspace I inscribe them in.

The drugs DO work



There is a lizard living in your brain. Straight metaphorical fact, but never pseudo-science. Please direct your research to standard theories of evolution and the existence of the reptilian cortex of the human brain and fucking OWN IT!… Otherwise, I swear to you my brethren and my sistren, IT will own YOU. Soon this entity that communicates, what most will mistake for lunacy, will not be given the cheat codes offered by drugs and alcohol even in the medicinal form I self-medicate with here and now. Ravings, though they may be, they are valid and some followers who have left my path will have to make their own way from this conjuncture in the point of time and space alignment we greet each other within currently… so my little humans, I write for you and I together and pray your comprehension on your best day can respond to my expression on my weakest of days… though this aint one of em. I know how high I am, though, it’s the cheat codes I addressed earlier that bring me to this altered state of consciousness.

There is a place in one’s lower self where the will to end one’s life can be so strong it can result in debilitating depression or the act of suicide seen out to fulfilment… On the flip-side, there is a place in the higher self where one is ready to die and begins to live without caution and fear. I have been ready to die for 7 years now and figured it was going to have occurred by now… confusion sets in all over again and suddenly I have to ask the same old questions… What’s it all about? What am I here for? Who give’s a fuck? yadda yadda yadda. And really what a waste of a brick to be sitting here now typing out some sort of existential treatise… but it’s for those who serve and those who acquire services I speak to and the point is made plain by Spandau Ballet:

Something I will always find difficult in my role as a drug and alcohol worker is to remind clients of the power of their soul. With so many cultural barriers placed on us throughout the ages by unseen enemies it is difficult for anyone, even family members and friends to develop spiritual connections. Dealing with mental health is a borderline duty of the drug and alcohol worker and the spirit is virtually off limits. And as a person who has battled substance abuse for half my life I can tell you that behind all physical compulsions is a mental compulsion and behind all mental compulsions is an emotional or spiritual compulsion. Emotions can be discussed but the empowerment of the spirit which animates said emotions is taboo in many cases. People are locked in a 5 sense reality where their concept of spirit has been dictated to them and thus they are sitting in a remote location from where it actually resides… why the fuck do you think they take drugs? It is a brief and vain attempt to connect with who they really are behind all the mental oppression we navigate on the daily. SIMPLE AS THAT.  Now I can’t instruct a client spiritually, some guidance and direction on a very basic level can be given, but largely directing anyone towards certain beliefs of a religious/paranormal/beyond the material world/spiritual nature is largely unethical less  it is directly sought by the client but even then it is important not to hand someone a book on the teachings of Buddha and tell him the key to freeing yourself from the desire to consume drugs and alcohol can be found within it’s pages regardless of how much I was aided by the same teachings.

I really can’t argue that anyone should be drug free. Throughout history, human beings have been off their fucking heads and I wouldn’t mind some of the mushies Moses took when he saw the burning bush.

If you wanna use drugs… smash em. Do what you like with them. My only role is to aid you if you don’t want to use and find it difficult to exercise self-control or if you want to reduce your usage and/or minimise the harm you do to yourself and others.

My only real advice is that which has been around since the time of Plato and that is “KNOW THYSELF”

Best wishes and may the creative force shine on and through you. Peace

Nowhere to run… still nowhere to hide


“If they want to change something in a certain direction, they will look at the population, the society, the problems that exist, and they will intentionally create – foment a problem in order to get the people to cry for an answer to that problem – which will be the direction they want to take that society into. They will create two opposing groups. At the top of these two opposing groups will be their people, so that it’s a controlled conflict, bringing about a controlled resolution or a controlled/desired end… you guys better wake up to this, I’m tellin’ ya you better wake up, you better pay attention to what you’re hearing here. You better realise that this young man sitting next to me is a hero. He is risking his life to bring you this information as are many other people operating out of the public eye. You may never EVER in your life know who they are. They’re working to save your freedoms for you! And sometimes I have to sit back and say “Why are we all doing this? Why is he doing this? Why are all these people doing this??? When most of you sit back and do nothing”…. You are also wrong in hiding. I want you to read my lips “NEW WORLD ORDER”! There’s nowhere you can run and hide unless you can get OFF THIS PLANET! And forget about aliens bringing this stuff about, the only people you need to fear are humans, and being afraid is not going to solve our problems because fear is weapon they use against us”.

                                                                                                Milton William Cooper – May 18th 1993


Religion’s for suckas… right?

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“See all the time you thought religion was something stupid – didn’t have anything at all to do with world events… but you’re wrong. It has everything to do with everything. Whether you believe it or not, whether I believe it or not – doesn’t make a difference. If the people who have the power who are in control believe it, it will affect us all. Understand that, because it is true”.


                                                                                                Milton William Cooper – March 30th 1993

2001… Science Fiction or Science Fact?

HALquotes.004-e1363830156673“HAL represented many things… the state of the art of technology, where it became so complicated that no one man could be an expert in it and thus might, unknowingly, participate in the building of a technology which could destroy him yet he only worked on a part or a portion of it, the knowledge of which did not indicate to him that the end product could be a danger. And we see that happening now, don’t we? Where everybody has to specialise in one small portion of technology, because the overall picture is so complicated and so far beyond our understanding that we see the prediction made in the movie 2001 actually becoming true before our very eyes. Just in my lifetime I’ve seen automobiles that I could take apart and put together myself blindfolded as a teenager, to driving automobiles that I could lift the hood of and not even recognise most of what I’m looking at, except I know that it’s an engine in there, and I know that it’s got a fuel delivery system and some kind of a system that ignites the fuel, but the technology has surpassed my ability to take it apart and put it back together again without many months or years of specialised training. And this has occurred across the board in our technology and as I’ve told you before, I will tell you again tonight dear listeners; in secret – whatever you perceive as the state of technology in the public eye, the very cutting edge – in secret they are a minimum of fifty to one hundred years ahead, to the point that science fiction is no longer fiction and hasn’t been for quite some time… but IS, in all actuality, Science fact”.

Milton William Cooper – February 11th 1993