De-Humanization – a beginners guide.

Hugh Man report for duty…

What qualifies a being as human? Is it the power of speech? Birds can talk. Thumbs? Nope all primates have thumbs. The power of thought? Who am I to say that trees and animals don’t think? Oh right it must be emotion… because our pets don’t love us now do they? Hang on, let’s start this over…

Human is the title given to a species that evolved on planet Earth to work, sweat, consume, attend sporting events and criticise the whole process. O.k. Maybe this is a slightly cynical view. The point I’m trying to get across here is that the term human is not easily defined, thus the term ‘humanity’ is even harder to agree upon, as all bi-pedal Earthlings tend to place different expectations on what a human should be. I might say that a Human Being is a hybrid of the animal world and the spirit world… Many will agree, many more will disagree, and to me that just proves my point. The power of reflection is a gift of the cosmos, not afforded to all animals. The ability to think about thinking, I may postulate, is a uniquely ‘Human’ trait. But dig this… Human, really, is just a word. A word that should encapsulate all creeds, races, genders, ages and colours and leave no divisions between those with differing ideologies and viewpoints. Earth is the name given to the rock we inhabit and I prefer to think of myself as an Earthling rather than a human.

If we find out tomorrow that we are not the only “intelligent” life in this universe and are confronted with the ability to mix with another race of beings from another planet, it is said that we would have to, quickly, treat our origins as Earthlings with far less significance. Suddenly it would not matter if you are Australian, Chilean, Syrian, Tibetan, Catholic, Jewish or Islamic if we were confronted by non humanoid beings from the star system of Orion or Pleiades. And then what if we were to interbreed with these visitors? What would we call our offspring? If the union occured on Earth, I guess we could, at least, still call our offspring ‘Earthlings’. So to the more dangerous question leading to assertion… What if this union happened already many thousands of years ago? Beings who were indigenous to planet Earth interbred with another bi-pedal species from another planet… a species far more advanced than our primitive ancestors, came here and may have been revered as gods due to their obvious superiority, thus enabling them their choice of women to breed with… if this scenario were a reality, then would the human condition be an intertwining of affinity to the planet Earth and a longing for the stars above it?

It is somewhat paradoxical, the role we play on this planet; few would argue that humanity has a hard time co-existing with nature due to our lesser qualities like greed and selfishness. We seem to need to be reminded that we all must look after the only planet we have. The planet that feeds us and allows us to breathe.

A Human Being is constantly a human doing and in the end… well Rudiger says it best





In 2015 planet Earth is confronted by extreme viewpoints and fundamental undertakings, but for how much longer? The Orwellian nightmare we all feared was potentially in the future of mankind is now an obvious reality… the boot that is to stamp on the face of humanity is raised and ready to crush us forever and we romantically place an if or a but after this statement. Each of us has our individual romance for this scenario that we hold in our hearts and minds, and often these romances are considered extreme. I sometimes fantasize about slicing the throat of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild believing it to be the only positive step toward world peace and you may find this thought to be a touch extreme. I believe it would only be a beginning of a genuine New World Order. Best believe, this world needs a new order. Ask yourself if the current world order is serving the interests of humanity as they raise their boot over your innocent head.

The information has been circulated and is currently being withdrawn once more from the public domain. Don’t think for a second that the secrets of the ruling elite have fallen into your hands accidently. We are all still on a Need to Know basis. You know what you need to know as we approach the beginning of the end… in the blink of the eye of all history, Earth will see the opportunity to accept the dictates of ascended masters or be free from their tyranny once and for all. Who are the ascended masters? They are those who, for countless generations, have adhered to the fundamentals. Let us forget the futile discussion of which race, creed or colour of people constitute these so-called masters. We all know this is an elaborate form of masturbation. There are two forces on this planet with the power to separate or unite human beings; God and MONEY, both of which must be destroyed.

God unites the hearts and minds of Christians all over the world whilst separating them from Muslims and Jews. Meanwhile, money establishes a far more logical division between human beings; for poverty stricken folk will seldom eat with over-privileged peoples. There is little sense of befriending those who cannot afford to partake in whatever activities your budget can afford. There is no such thing as racism, sexism or religious prejudice. There is only Classism. Socio-economic circumstance is what truly unites us if we can see past these illusions of division. A poor black man has much more in common with a poor white man than he does with a wealthy black man. A brainwashed German man living under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi regime has much to share with a mindless Australian who accepts the fascist regime of a Monarch and corporate government. A Jewish Zionist living in Israel shares the same fundamental views as those who truly push for an Islamic state. The Masons and the Catholics, The Capitalist and the Communist – each an anti-thesis to a thesis interwoven with each other, each one requiring each other to justify its own existence. None of the aforementioned are the enemy of humanity – these are all man-made structures and ideologies. If you ask me, our enemy is nameless and faceless… just like money and just like God.

So what then, do we do with the extremists and fundamentalists who threaten to tear this planet in half? Shoot them all at let their God sort them out? This solution might be a touch extreme also. You see, pacifism, extremism and balance are all fundamental aspects of nature and the fundamentals of nature are extremely important to our survival as a species. We have forgotten the fundamentals of nature due to our superficial treatment of nature. What we once understood has been preserved only through symbolism and cryptology. Life equals death, this is a fundamental law of nature we largely refuse to embrace. This viewpoint has made us all extremely obsessed with staying alive. We are, for the most part, “Life Extremists” while we live as cautiously as we are taught to live. The Islamic extremist who is ready to die for his god, much the same as the Israeli soldier, has accepted the fundamental law of nature and will willingly sacrifice his life for what he believes to be a cause to unify, or at least better the world, even if his version of “better” seems worse to those outside of those faiths and ideologies.

I know what we shouldn’t do… we should not take extreme views and actions lightly. Did anyone figure nothing of 9/11? How many people were able to see the events of September 11 2001 and not take notice? No matter who destroyed the Twin Towers and over 3000 people that day, it was an extreme act that solicited extreme reactions and emotion. Extreme emotion is collectively being suppressed and repressed. We do not want to pursue extreme actions and reactions in the western world where we mosey on through our many police states that exist in most countries today yet those who accept that the extreme actions that destroyed the twin towers were carried out by Muslims, accept the extreme reaction of the American administration to attack the people of Afghanistan and Iraq in the way they did. Those, however, who believe that the 9/11 plot was orchestrated by those attempting to bring about a New World Order may maintain extreme contempt toward international bankers, the bush family and weapons manufacturers. George Washington was an extremist. He turned the weapons of the colonies in his new world against the red coats of old reacting against the extremely tyrannical King George.

I, for one, am sick of being told to stand still and be quiet like as if I am the offspring of the state. I believe the global agenda to push occupational health and safety directives is extreme. Our acceptance of said is extremely apathetic. I believe a government depriving us of privacy and freedom is extreme. The population on this planet is extreme if we continue to live in any particular monetary paradigm. My reaction to these things is to terminate the psychological tyranny projected by the aforementioned – with extreme prejudice. Adjust the psychology of the supposed commanders and the body will follow… chop off the head, so to speak.

In the face of pacifism and apathy, extremism is fundamental to the restoration of balance. We must take an extreme stance against those who seek to strip away human freedom and individual rights.