The Semanephrious Buttnoids have left your pants…

Greetings digital entities,

Here I am, back again. Going in the opposite direction to usual. Partial to slow drugs – because I’m generally too quick for the people I encounter in the real world… Though I opted to go with the quick stuff today… and now it’s 3am-ish and probably a good time for…

ah where was I… nope… that beat Ricardo DeForce plays on that brick of a telephonic device has consumed my interest. Anyways…

Profound is what has been come to be expected. Well, let me not disappoint… but let me be quick and to the point in the spirit of the substance that has altered my central nervous system. Okay…

“As you ramble on through life brother, no matter what be your goal –                                                   keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.”                                                                             – Dr Murray Banks (quoting from elsewhere)

Peace! If you’re going to do something – enjoy it. Love your drugs until you hate them. While doing so, be safe, be well and be in the favour of your chosen gods, for it is certainly not “demons” that attract you towards altering your consciousness through the use of mind altering substances… Let me advance this theory for your consideration; It is that adversarial force – belonging to the essential creative source which causes the bulk of humanity to be discontent with our perception of, and relation to, “reality” – this force which we resist is the catalyst for evolution… lift physical weights and your body’s muscles will grow. Lift mental weights and your mind will gain strength.

To extrapolate my meaning some more, I mean, if you perceive the world for what it truly is, you may find a great challenge in mentally adjusting as you “ramble on through life”, so take it from an, apparently, qualified drug and alcohol counsellor – drugs are a great form of mental adjustment to the truth of the reality known to Earthlings, especially humans. Yes there are many other forms of adjustments that are debatably healthier, but the persistence of BULLSHIT in this existence generally causes whatever adjustments we make to require repetition… whether it’s drugs, work, fitness, social connection – if you repeat it enough, IT IS AN ADDICTION. So never look down on the apparent drug addict if just going to the same place every day and collecting a paycheck at the end of the week is your form of repetitive adjustment to an insane world which you have employed as YOUR solution.

Life doesn’t suck – just the people who presume to dictate what life is. Until they fuck off, do what works, and I’ll continue to wish peace for you emphatically. Peace!!

P.S. If you’re still not convinced… this is all I can offer in my defence



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