Consciousness Shift….

Thought, perhaps, maybe, possibly, this might be a good time to write up an essay – slash – blog – slash – rant…

Well here we go, one time fo yo mind………………..

Painkillers, Xanax, Valium, liquor – that’s where I’m at… But I bet I got a, damn sight, better grip on reality, vocabulary and grammar than most at the moment. So here we go… What you may not realise, is that I have a Bachelor of Arse from the University of ‘I don’t give a fuck’…

Welcome to divinity… Scary how you reached it, but it’s the fear you cast away that brings you here. NO. I am not Gawd, Gord or God. You are! Scary, but true. Nothing above you… nothing below you. Those perceptions of good and evil you hold… they are elements of the one infinite and eternal creator, residing within you.

I fear, now, getting into some sort of metaphysical or theological… thing… here. Let’s not do that. Let me express my love for all living things and wish all who bother to read this the very best… strength, comfort and wisdom. Strength for the weak. Comfort for the disturbed and wisdom for the ignorant. Peace and love to all. And in all these wishes… please listen and find it in this little piece of music I like to share… originally a Billie Holliday number, but I think my target audience can appreciate the Lisa Simpson version… Much Love, Peace.




Christ almighty! Great Lucifer’s beard! (and other expressions of shock and awe)…

Okay. I’ll start again.

Did you ever wake up and decide “I’m going to do the wrong thing today” or “Fuck it. Think I might embrace my demons and do some evil”? If you haven’t, I suggest that you haven’t led a full and complete life. There’s a lot of wrong and evil things in this world, yet few would admit they’ve ever been the perpetrators of such. Actually, even if you consciously decide to do the wrong thing, for you, at that very moment, it is the right thing. I contend that it’s impossible to consciously do wrong. If you choose to act with hate, aggression or violence, you believe it is the right course of action even if foresight or hindsight tells you differently. Hindsight leads us to the conclusion that certain actions we undertake have been mistakes. Foresight influences us to not make those mistakes. However, in the moment when we raise a fist in anger, we have rationalised this action as the correct course of action. Even when we are conscious that what we are doing is wrong, it is only wrong by whatever standards we base our ethics on, and perhaps in that moment, we think, know or just feel that it is right for us to disregard our ethical standards.

Still with me? Strange concept but let’s get philosophical and existential for a while. Challenge ourselves and continue to think critically.

Moving on… I express now, for your consideration, a part of my existential crisis that has plagued me since I was a child. It begins with my Catholic upbringing and my eternal desire to do what is right which came into conflict with the hormones that began to influence me during puberty. Church was boring and was easy to reject on various grounds that most Catholics don’t need an elaborate explanation for. The fear of eternal hellfire had left its’ mark on me however and I always tried my hardest to follow the teachings of the biblical Christ. In fact, by year 8, I would have read most of the first 5 books of the bible, the 4 gospels of the New Testament and, of course, Revelations. So without knowing it, I’d become more of a reformist Christian and far less a Catholic. By 20 I had begun to despise anyone who pushed their faith on others and kept my love and respect for the biblical version of Jesus close to my heart and would have been embarrassed to admit it to most, for at this point in my life I had become surrounded by people who would be considered “sinners” and I guess I had my share of sins too. I justified this cognitive dissonance by the fact that Jesus spent much more time with the sinners than he did with the pious – that’s where he did his work, and I was still attempting to follow his example, just like my Grandmother taught me. Then, in my mid-twenties, after feeling like I had strayed way too far from what was good and right and wholesome and Christ-like, I was walking down the street feeling disappointed with myself when it struck me; How can I know what the right thing to do is if I never do what is wrong. Perhaps this was just another way of justifying any wicked deed I’d performed or feeling I’d had but I felt the touch of the gods and gave myself license to do whatever the bloody hell I felt like. I felt like the right thing to do was to do wrong basically.

Suddenly, there was no pressure to do what was right and conveniently I realised I had no intention to do wrong by others. Inconveniently, however, I had no problem with doing wrong by myself – something I still have issues with to this day. At around 20 I had met a man, a good man, who was a proud Satanist. I always felt he professed to be Satanic because he was into heavy metal and that was just the cool thing to say and do in his crowd but over many years of friendship I learnt that it was more than just lip-service. It was hard to comprehend for many years because the man in question is a man of strong moral fibre and with great ethical standards… often a better example of Christ than most Christians I knew. It was confusing for me but it never tempted me away from my faith in Jesus. What led me away from my faith in the Jesus Christ that is described in the King James bible, is a story too complicated to tell here and not entirely relevant but it can be summarised thus; In my late 20’s I started using the internet for something other than downloading entertainment and watching porn. I began researching my faith. Learning about the church, studying the politics of the time of Christ and really taking a critical view of politics and religion, which I learnt that nowhere in history has there been one without the other. The Jesus I came to know through historical analysis was a rebel and a militant… this was a game-changer.

Being a semantical bastard, I also learnt that Jesus, Christ, Satan and Lucifer are all merely titles and not names. To break it down; Jesus can be defined as “The Saviour”, Christ is “The Anointed One”, Satan means “The Adversary” and Lucifer – “The Light Bearer”. Now really think about these meanings and how politics and propaganda can twist them when they are personified. There is a whole theological discussion to be had here but it’s not the point of this essay. The point of the essay is to address necessary evil… I believe in a creative intelligence that has put in place a story we call evolution. It is through “Adversity” which we grow… We face a problem, we solve it and we increase our intelligence or strength through the new found skill needed to overcome the “Adversary” or Satan for those who insist on personifying a theological concept. Thus “God” places Satan in charge of the material realm to create hurdles for us to jump, basically. So in a sense the ruler of the material realm is Satan and the material realm is what we might call evil. But the world is no more evil than a mouse’s perception of a cat. The “Saviour” is merely the part of life that relieves us from needing to face “The Adversary”. I guess what I am saying is that we can choose not to face challenges and there is no failure in not gaining the strength or intelligence awarded to those who overcome adversity… We can rest in the loving arms of Jesus and be saved from the pain of navigating the evils of the world. The “Anointed or Chosen One” is a state of being in the favour of “God” or “the Creative Intelligence” that set our tale of evolution in motion. And I suggest that to reach this state is to overcome much adversity. Again, to personify what I’m saying here is; “defeat Satan and become Christ”. But how does one overcome adversity? My suggestion is: through knowledge. We’ve all heard the expression ‘to shed some light on the problem’. Light is equated with solutions. When we have a realisation (the act of accepting an idea to be REAL) we may be said to have ‘seen the light’. And to bring it all full circle; who is the bearer of light? Lucifer! So to summarize: it is through Lucifer we have the power to overcome Satan and become the Christ, or if we choose to avoid Satan we can always be redeemed by Jesus.

This is my consolidation of theology and evolution. I think they’re all just words and stories, expressing a philosophy in code that explains spiritual evolution. Survival of the fittest – on a spiritual/metaphysical level. Or perhaps an encoded and personified story of the evolution of the entire universe. Or both the material world and the ethereal realm are one in the same – overcoming matter is to see the great beyond.

Peace and Be Well.

Social Experiment: Facebook

So now, the time has come to reveal some truth. Truth about myself. Truth about anyone reading this. Truth about the material realm; Earth, the world, the matrix. Truth about the digital realm; the interweb, social media, smartphones. Perhaps even some truth about the spirit realm; the Dreamtime, Akashic Records, the Great Beyond (if you believe in such).

This is going to be hypocritical, but you need to understand that as a rap emcee I reserve the right to contradict myself. This will be facetious, again; rap emcee. This will not be as comical as I intend it to be because as a rap emcee I barely qualify as a musician and all comedians think they are musical and all musicians think they’re funny. So let’s get to the crux of it all…

I’ll be blunt. I absolutely despise Facebook. I despise virtually all users of Facebook. I despise the smartphones many use to access Facebook. However before you become defensive over my inflammatory remarks, I will attempt to explain my disdain, for it is a love of life and (wretch) “humanity” that breeds such animosity toward social networking within me. I love you guys. Really.

Facebook has served a function for me, I can not deny it. It has allowed me to re-connect with a few people who are important to me, some folk I have a casual interest in and several others who I don’t particularly care for (you know what category you fall into). As a muso I have a relatively active social life for a 34 year old man, a social life I am currently distancing myself from. My involvement with social networking is largely an experiment that most of my actual friends are unaware I am conducting. I make an account with my government name, befriend a few highschool chums and observe the things about them that have changed and the things that haven’t. I observe the percentage of those who have become married, become parents, become successful in their careers and those who have become BORING! However, please don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that me writing 1000 word essays about it all is probably boring to you too. Also, please don’t take this all as patronising either – that is certainly not my intent.

So here’s a sweeping generalisation of the people who use social networking; it’s the partner, the children, the job and their favourite sporting team or player that they choose most to share information about. I can’t find as many childless, single and/or unemployed peeps on ol’ Facey! And I got a news flash for ya… while you offer endless status updates and photos about your nuclear families… YOU ARE ORDINARY! (and really, you are more extraordinary than you could imagine if you could just get off the merry-go round for a while) Your desperation is exasperated by your insistence that you are happy with your existence. Negativity is a big no-no in Facebook land. Believe me, I’ve had my share of depression and mental illness, that’s where the soul searching happens and that is where true beauty can be observed, not through rose-coloured glasses… Your kids are hideous and your partner is superficial and your job pays well but makes little contribution to the plight of (wretch)humanity… if anything, it probably re-enforces it. Because we’re all slaves to something. If not a slave to our own desires; a slave to someone else’s. But that’s ok. None of this makes you a bad person. I do know, however, in my face to face encounters with the small group of people I have connected with on the Book, folk rarely discuss the aforementioned topics.

Facebook… it’s an outlet for so many. Another way for people to repress their inner cry for freedom. It’s also an addiction, and believe me I know a thing or two about addiction. But here’s a really odd observation I’ve made about my generation who use Facebook: Cast your mind back to 1995 for a moment… That’s when my household first got an internet connection. And I know that few of you even had a computer at that time. In fact, back then anyone who spent as much time on a computer as you do today on your tablet or smartphone, was considered a NERD! To you I say: You used to be cool. So don’t think of me as some anti-technology, doom-saying, shake my fist at the youth type of bloke. I just recall a world before the internet, social networking, Tinder, Youtube and Candy Crush absorbed the attention of almost everyone. If you think about it too, you might see how people have become increasingly introverted and less open to face to face encounters. The real danger is that we are raising children who will not know that world we enjoyed. Sadly, many of you who display your children on social media are teaching them a poor lesson about their right to privacy. Did you ever stop and ask your two year old if they would like the world to see a plethora of pictures of them? And is it fair to even assume that they can make a decision based on a developed concept of their right to privacy. Again, I’m not trying to attack anyone, I simply want to share my observations which I hold to be true. The truth often hurts, but I will not apologise.

So I think that about covers the truth about me and about you, but let’s talk about planet Earth and how we’re fucking her over and how Facebook plays it’s part in said fucking over… Some might argue that human life is intrinsic to the survival or demise of the planet. At any rate, us apes have an effect on our environment, of which we pay less attention to when we become as self-centred as Facebook encourages us to be. People argue that social networking increases human interaction and is a great way to raise awareness of the problems the planet faces but I maintain it’s superficial… Put a filter over your picture, express your outrage, but don’t actually DO anything about the problem. Post a status to give the appearance that you care and release some endorphins to make yourself feel good… The bankers still enslave us and rape the planet of its resources, and the whole while the marketers of garbage and the intelligence agencies have their dreams come true as the trusty slaves renounce their privacy, giving away what they think to be trivial information about themselves that turns out to be more vital than most could imagine. So yeah, Facebook is the enemy of planet Earth, or at the very least a tool of the enemy.

The spiritual truth… I’m not going to say much to convince you that Facebook is a blight on your soul. Soul searching should be left for the individual and I believe the more I say on the topic, the less I can convey. So, instead, I will leave you with a quote from Psychologist, Carl Jung –

“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own souls.”


Silence and I

From the depth of silence… the world screams while gods whisper. The world continues to repeat the falsehoods that I want to hear at great volume, while divine intervention calmly keeps the truth I find difficulty in accepting under her breath. There, behind the wall, are the battle-cries of what seems like an ancient race who refuse to give up on me or any other souls constantly under development here on Earth. But we build the wall, we repair it when cracks appear and it’s few and far junctions in time and space when we climb it or find our way through to the other side. The mind has been conditioned since birth to ignore the voices of those on the other side, the voices of spirit that speak to our souls.

We work, so very hard, to avoid the acknowledgement of our soul, focussing much energy on the mind and body, when the three must work in unison in a game much bigger than just one lifetime. I’m so sorry if you believe that there is only one life to be lived and that death is merely the end… I don’t care whether you believe in heaven and hell, re-incarnation or just other worlds and dimensions for your inner being to travel to upon the end of a life on Earth – to believe in any of the above requires acknowledging a ‘soul’ and that’s a good enough start whether your faith in any of these scenarios is blind or researched. I’m sorry to all others though, because if this is all there is, I would have done a lot of horrible shit to you and guaranteed myself a whole lot more pleasure at the expense of others if I believe like you do, but that’s just me. I have the benefit of seeing a reality without this mind and body I use to type these words, so I have no text or dogma to back up my belief, which I’m sure many have problems with but I can’t indulge you with proof at every corner.

I was asked earlier this morning, as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, why I think many people abuse substances, and to simplify my response I have to say; the avoidance of the soul. Encouraged to deny the existence of spirit/soul/consciousness/the id – call it what you will, or being misled as to how our inner self or our essence exists, is the one direct cause of substance abuse (and by the way, I never went to AA and never subscribed to the 12 steps and I do not promote the concept of requiring a higher power to keep one sober. I keep me sober – not Gawd). However, while some use drugs and alcohol, some gamble, some over-eat, some do it through excess entertainment or even with a strong work ethic… we all find ways to ignore the obvious questions like; What the fuck am I doing here? and Where the fuck am I going? or arguably the more important question; Who am I? Worse than avoiding these questions is tricking ourselves into believing we know the answers. When we tell ourselves we know the answers to these questions we halt all spiritual development, especially when our answers to these questions don’t acknowledge the existence of spirit or that we know what our spirit or soul is because of something we read in a book or was told to us by another man – I refer here, largely, to holy books and preachers.

So, of course, I do not have your answers. You have your answers.

but to quote Michael Tsarion here;

“If you’re silent enough… Forget about third eyes – develop a third ear… and listen very calmly, quietly and still – to your angst and pain and suffering and sorrow. Don’t medicate it out of existence or try to silence it, because it has an amazing story to tell you. The God-force in this universe is not going to turn it’s volume up to be heard – You have to turn your racket down… It’s always talking, it’s always there – symbolically and in other forms of communication, but we have to turn our noise down and suddenly you will hear it there, it’s always playing in the background”.

De-Humanization – a beginners guide.

Hugh Man report for duty…

What qualifies a being as human? Is it the power of speech? Birds can talk. Thumbs? Nope all primates have thumbs. The power of thought? Who am I to say that trees and animals don’t think? Oh right it must be emotion… because our pets don’t love us now do they? Hang on, let’s start this over…

Human is the title given to a species that evolved on planet Earth to work, sweat, consume, attend sporting events and criticise the whole process. O.k. Maybe this is a slightly cynical view. The point I’m trying to get across here is that the term human is not easily defined, thus the term ‘humanity’ is even harder to agree upon, as all bi-pedal Earthlings tend to place different expectations on what a human should be. I might say that a Human Being is a hybrid of the animal world and the spirit world… Many will agree, many more will disagree, and to me that just proves my point. The power of reflection is a gift of the cosmos, not afforded to all animals. The ability to think about thinking, I may postulate, is a uniquely ‘Human’ trait. But dig this… Human, really, is just a word. A word that should encapsulate all creeds, races, genders, ages and colours and leave no divisions between those with differing ideologies and viewpoints. Earth is the name given to the rock we inhabit and I prefer to think of myself as an Earthling rather than a human.

If we find out tomorrow that we are not the only “intelligent” life in this universe and are confronted with the ability to mix with another race of beings from another planet, it is said that we would have to, quickly, treat our origins as Earthlings with far less significance. Suddenly it would not matter if you are Australian, Chilean, Syrian, Tibetan, Catholic, Jewish or Islamic if we were confronted by non humanoid beings from the star system of Orion or Pleiades. And then what if we were to interbreed with these visitors? What would we call our offspring? If the union occured on Earth, I guess we could, at least, still call our offspring ‘Earthlings’. So to the more dangerous question leading to assertion… What if this union happened already many thousands of years ago? Beings who were indigenous to planet Earth interbred with another bi-pedal species from another planet… a species far more advanced than our primitive ancestors, came here and may have been revered as gods due to their obvious superiority, thus enabling them their choice of women to breed with… if this scenario were a reality, then would the human condition be an intertwining of affinity to the planet Earth and a longing for the stars above it?

It is somewhat paradoxical, the role we play on this planet; few would argue that humanity has a hard time co-existing with nature due to our lesser qualities like greed and selfishness. We seem to need to be reminded that we all must look after the only planet we have. The planet that feeds us and allows us to breathe.

A Human Being is constantly a human doing and in the end… well Rudiger says it best




In 2015 planet Earth is confronted by extreme viewpoints and fundamental undertakings, but for how much longer? The Orwellian nightmare we all feared was potentially in the future of mankind is now an obvious reality… the boot that is to stamp on the face of humanity is raised and ready to crush us forever and we romantically place an if or a but after this statement. Each of us has our individual romance for this scenario that we hold in our hearts and minds, and often these romances are considered extreme. I sometimes fantasize about slicing the throat of Evelyn Robert de Rothschild believing it to be the only positive step toward world peace and you may find this thought to be a touch extreme. I believe it would only be a beginning of a genuine New World Order. Best believe, this world needs a new order. Ask yourself if the current world order is serving the interests of humanity as they raise their boot over your innocent head.

The information has been circulated and is currently being withdrawn once more from the public domain. Don’t think for a second that the secrets of the ruling elite have fallen into your hands accidently. We are all still on a Need to Know basis. You know what you need to know as we approach the beginning of the end… in the blink of the eye of all history, Earth will see the opportunity to accept the dictates of ascended masters or be free from their tyranny once and for all. Who are the ascended masters? They are those who, for countless generations, have adhered to the fundamentals. Let us forget the futile discussion of which race, creed or colour of people constitute these so-called masters. We all know this is an elaborate form of masturbation. There are two forces on this planet with the power to separate or unite human beings; God and MONEY, both of which must be destroyed.

God unites the hearts and minds of Christians all over the world whilst separating them from Muslims and Jews. Meanwhile, money establishes a far more logical division between human beings; for poverty stricken folk will seldom eat with over-privileged peoples. There is little sense of befriending those who cannot afford to partake in whatever activities your budget can afford. There is no such thing as racism, sexism or religious prejudice. There is only Classism. Socio-economic circumstance is what truly unites us if we can see past these illusions of division. A poor black man has much more in common with a poor white man than he does with a wealthy black man. A brainwashed German man living under the rule of Hitler and the Nazi regime has much to share with a mindless Australian who accepts the fascist regime of a Monarch and corporate government. A Jewish Zionist living in Israel shares the same fundamental views as those who truly push for an Islamic state. The Masons and the Catholics, The Capitalist and the Communist – each an anti-thesis to a thesis interwoven with each other, each one requiring each other to justify its own existence. None of the aforementioned are the enemy of humanity – these are all man-made structures and ideologies. If you ask me, our enemy is nameless and faceless… just like money and just like God.

So what then, do we do with the extremists and fundamentalists who threaten to tear this planet in half? Shoot them all at let their God sort them out? This solution might be a touch extreme also. You see, pacifism, extremism and balance are all fundamental aspects of nature and the fundamentals of nature are extremely important to our survival as a species. We have forgotten the fundamentals of nature due to our superficial treatment of nature. What we once understood has been preserved only through symbolism and cryptology. Life equals death, this is a fundamental law of nature we largely refuse to embrace. This viewpoint has made us all extremely obsessed with staying alive. We are, for the most part, “Life Extremists” while we live as cautiously as we are taught to live. The Islamic extremist who is ready to die for his god, much the same as the Israeli soldier, has accepted the fundamental law of nature and will willingly sacrifice his life for what he believes to be a cause to unify, or at least better the world, even if his version of “better” seems worse to those outside of those faiths and ideologies.

I know what we shouldn’t do… we should not take extreme views and actions lightly. Did anyone figure nothing of 9/11? How many people were able to see the events of September 11 2001 and not take notice? No matter who destroyed the Twin Towers and over 3000 people that day, it was an extreme act that solicited extreme reactions and emotion. Extreme emotion is collectively being suppressed and repressed. We do not want to pursue extreme actions and reactions in the western world where we mosey on through our many police states that exist in most countries today yet those who accept that the extreme actions that destroyed the twin towers were carried out by Muslims, accept the extreme reaction of the American administration to attack the people of Afghanistan and Iraq in the way they did. Those, however, who believe that the 9/11 plot was orchestrated by those attempting to bring about a New World Order may maintain extreme contempt toward international bankers, the bush family and weapons manufacturers. George Washington was an extremist. He turned the weapons of the colonies in his new world against the red coats of old reacting against the extremely tyrannical King George.

I, for one, am sick of being told to stand still and be quiet like as if I am the offspring of the state. I believe the global agenda to push occupational health and safety directives is extreme. Our acceptance of said is extremely apathetic. I believe a government depriving us of privacy and freedom is extreme. The population on this planet is extreme if we continue to live in any particular monetary paradigm. My reaction to these things is to terminate the psychological tyranny projected by the aforementioned – with extreme prejudice. Adjust the psychology of the supposed commanders and the body will follow… chop off the head, so to speak.

In the face of pacifism and apathy, extremism is fundamental to the restoration of balance. We must take an extreme stance against those who seek to strip away human freedom and individual rights.