The roll has been slowed. The ego has receded. The pain is at bay. The muscles are relaxed. The¬†inhibitions have been cast to the side… The love is felt. The peace is all consuming. The harmony – it does not exist… The drugs do work. The starting again happens in the following paragraph.

This goes out to the goddess, Eris. Eris my love… the things I will do to you when I find you… The music halts abruptly… Everybody… needs somebody… to get drugged up with and perhaps love for a fleeting moment. Love for a minute – fuck for hours. Argue with a fool like a foolish motherfocker. Confuse your blog with your spirax. Discord for a new millennium.

Take sixteen:

Love is not what you share with one other person. Love is an energy that one is best not to attempt to harness and reserve for one particular human. In the interest of not alienating anybody who is so dedicated to another, I respect the loyalty you have for said other. But that’s what it is – loyalty. More power to those who commit themselves emotionally and/or sexually to one person.¬†Monogamy is the backbone of civilisation. Thing is… I care little for civilisation. I care more for evolution, which civilisation has disrupted. A needed disruption though it may be. I am an animal and a god, neither of which will limit itself to the concerns and interests of a single person. As we step into Aquarius, loneliness is just to be expected – but… Rather than be lonely in a group, I prefer true solitude all by myself. Latching on to another does little justice for your soul, nor the soul of he or she you claim to be your one and only.

So, on to the usual existential commentary; we are all just infinite beings made of light inhabiting temporary vessels we call bodies. The sounds shift us, moves us, transforms us… thus in the beginning, was the word (or the logos for those who have done their research) that set the story of evolution in motion. Must we walk around the edge of the rabbit hole forever, fearing to chase the white rabbit? The wars, the banking scam, the occult, all keeping us trapped thinking the material we navigate is real… it all has become apparent at the right time for us to stay asleep at this pivotal moment in the story. We will become robots (some of us have made the transition already) and trans-humanism is a pretty word for it. None of this is good. If your spirit is happy inside your body right now, you’re not adventurous enough and if you’re not paranoid, you’re not paying close enough attention. But I love you all the same. But until you love me back, I love drugs even more. See, the drugs I love most all originate from plants, and I love plants.

As far as the fallacy of reality goes… Let me fight and let me fuck and let the beast keep score. Admittedly I haven’t ranked up in a while. But as far as the infinite journey I was supposed to have forgotten about goes… I’m going to many strange places – I mean, I’ve been to many strange places… No. No. Nine. Not. I am in strange places. Please don’t drag me into the illusion. Suffer with your madness without me, or roll with me… sorry, it’ll never happen. Eris has done all she can for me and I have to experience the snub in my own way for my expression of free will.

You, of all people, should understand the madness expressed here tonight. It’s not madness. It’s not even anger with a system I did my part in creating. Now, go and try to live, love and have fun… I promise to do just the same. Peace. Be well… and fuck runnin’ errands or wearin’ a chicken on my hat.