Silence and I

From the depth of silence… the world screams while gods whisper. The world continues to repeat the falsehoods that I want to hear at great volume, while divine intervention calmly keeps the truth I find difficulty in accepting under her breath. There, behind the wall, are the battle-cries of what seems like an ancient race who refuse to give up on me or any other souls constantly under development here on Earth. But we build the wall, we repair it when cracks appear and it’s few and far junctions in time and space when we climb it or find our way through to the other side. The mind has been conditioned since birth to ignore the voices of those on the other side, the voices of spirit that speak to our souls.

We work, so very hard, to avoid the acknowledgement of our soul, focussing much energy on the mind and body, when the three must work in unison in a game much bigger than just one lifetime. I’m so sorry if you believe that there is only one life to be lived and that death is merely the end… I don’t care whether you believe in heaven and hell, re-incarnation or just other worlds and dimensions for your inner being to travel to upon the end of a life on Earth – to believe in any of the above requires acknowledging a ‘soul’ and that’s a good enough start whether your faith in any of these scenarios is blind or researched. I’m sorry to all others though, because if this is all there is, I would have done a lot of horrible shit to you and guaranteed myself a whole lot more pleasure at the expense of others if I believe like you do, but that’s just me. I have the benefit of seeing a reality without this mind and body I use to type these words, so I have no text or dogma to back up my belief, which I’m sure many have problems with but I can’t indulge you with proof at every corner.

I was asked earlier this morning, as a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, why I think many people abuse substances, and to simplify my response I have to say; the avoidance of the soul. Encouraged to deny the existence of spirit/soul/consciousness/the id – call it what you will, or being misled as to how our inner self or our essence exists, is the one direct cause of substance abuse (and by the way, I never went to AA and never subscribed to the 12 steps and I do not promote the concept of requiring a higher power to keep one sober. I keep me sober – not Gawd). However, while some use drugs and alcohol, some gamble, some over-eat, some do it through excess entertainment or even with a strong work ethic… we all find ways to ignore the obvious questions like; What the fuck am I doing here? and Where the fuck am I going? or arguably the more important question; Who am I? Worse than avoiding these questions is tricking ourselves into believing we know the answers. When we tell ourselves we know the answers to these questions we halt all spiritual development, especially when our answers to these questions don’t acknowledge the existence of spirit or that we know what our spirit or soul is because of something we read in a book or was told to us by another man – I refer here, largely, to holy books and preachers.

So, of course, I do not have your answers. You have your answers.

but to quote Michael Tsarion here;

“If you’re silent enough… Forget about third eyes – develop a third ear… and listen very calmly, quietly and still – to your angst and pain and suffering and sorrow. Don’t medicate it out of existence or try to silence it, because it has an amazing story to tell you. The God-force in this universe is not going to turn it’s volume up to be heard – You have to turn your racket down… It’s always talking, it’s always there – symbolically and in other forms of communication, but we have to turn our noise down and suddenly you will hear it there, it’s always playing in the background”.