Nowhere to run… still nowhere to hide


“If they want to change something in a certain direction, they will look at the population, the society, the problems that exist, and they will intentionally create – foment a problem in order to get the people to cry for an answer to that problem – which will be the direction they want to take that society into. They will create two opposing groups. At the top of these two opposing groups will be their people, so that it’s a controlled conflict, bringing about a controlled resolution or a controlled/desired end… you guys better wake up to this, I’m tellin’ ya you better wake up, you better pay attention to what you’re hearing here. You better realise that this young man sitting next to me is a hero. He is risking his life to bring you this information as are many other people operating out of the public eye. You may never EVER in your life know who they are. They’re working to save your freedoms for you! And sometimes I have to sit back and say “Why are we all doing this? Why is he doing this? Why are all these people doing this??? When most of you sit back and do nothing”…. You are also wrong in hiding. I want you to read my lips “NEW WORLD ORDER”! There’s nowhere you can run and hide unless you can get OFF THIS PLANET! And forget about aliens bringing this stuff about, the only people you need to fear are humans, and being afraid is not going to solve our problems because fear is weapon they use against us”.

                                                                                                Milton William Cooper – May 18th 1993



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