The drugs DO work



There is a lizard living in your brain. Straight metaphorical fact, but never pseudo-science. Please direct your research to standard theories of evolution and the existence of the reptilian cortex of the human brain and fucking OWN IT!… Otherwise, I swear to you my brethren and my sistren, IT will own YOU. Soon this entity that communicates, what most will mistake for lunacy, will not be given the cheat codes offered by drugs and alcohol even in the medicinal form I self-medicate with here and now. Ravings, though they may be, they are valid and some followers who have left my path will have to make their own way from this conjuncture in the point of time and space alignment we greet each other within currently… so my little humans, I write for you and I together and pray your comprehension on your best day can respond to my expression on my weakest of days… though this aint one of em. I know how high I am, though, it’s the cheat codes I addressed earlier that bring me to this altered state of consciousness.

There is a place in one’s lower self where the will to end one’s life can be so strong it can result in debilitating depression or the act of suicide seen out to fulfilment… On the flip-side, there is a place in the higher self where one is ready to die and begins to live without caution and fear. I have been ready to die for 7 years now and figured it was going to have occurred by now… confusion sets in all over again and suddenly I have to ask the same old questions… What’s it all about? What am I here for? Who give’s a fuck? yadda yadda yadda. And really what a waste of a brick to be sitting here now typing out some sort of existential treatise… but it’s for those who serve and those who acquire services I speak to and the point is made plain by Spandau Ballet:

Something I will always find difficult in my role as a drug and alcohol worker is to remind clients of the power of their soul. With so many cultural barriers placed on us throughout the ages by unseen enemies it is difficult for anyone, even family members and friends to develop spiritual connections. Dealing with mental health is a borderline duty of the drug and alcohol worker and the spirit is virtually off limits. And as a person who has battled substance abuse for half my life I can tell you that behind all physical compulsions is a mental compulsion and behind all mental compulsions is an emotional or spiritual compulsion. Emotions can be discussed but the empowerment of the spirit which animates said emotions is taboo in many cases. People are locked in a 5 sense reality where their concept of spirit has been dictated to them and thus they are sitting in a remote location from where it actually resides… why the fuck do you think they take drugs? It is a brief and vain attempt to connect with who they really are behind all the mental oppression we navigate on the daily. SIMPLE AS THAT.  Now I can’t instruct a client spiritually, some guidance and direction on a very basic level can be given, but largely directing anyone towards certain beliefs of a religious/paranormal/beyond the material world/spiritual nature is largely unethical less  it is directly sought by the client but even then it is important not to hand someone a book on the teachings of Buddha and tell him the key to freeing yourself from the desire to consume drugs and alcohol can be found within it’s pages regardless of how much I was aided by the same teachings.

I really can’t argue that anyone should be drug free. Throughout history, human beings have been off their fucking heads and I wouldn’t mind some of the mushies Moses took when he saw the burning bush.

If you wanna use drugs… smash em. Do what you like with them. My only role is to aid you if you don’t want to use and find it difficult to exercise self-control or if you want to reduce your usage and/or minimise the harm you do to yourself and others.

My only real advice is that which has been around since the time of Plato and that is “KNOW THYSELF”

Best wishes and may the creative force shine on and through you. Peace


Nowhere to run… still nowhere to hide


“If they want to change something in a certain direction, they will look at the population, the society, the problems that exist, and they will intentionally create – foment a problem in order to get the people to cry for an answer to that problem – which will be the direction they want to take that society into. They will create two opposing groups. At the top of these two opposing groups will be their people, so that it’s a controlled conflict, bringing about a controlled resolution or a controlled/desired end… you guys better wake up to this, I’m tellin’ ya you better wake up, you better pay attention to what you’re hearing here. You better realise that this young man sitting next to me is a hero. He is risking his life to bring you this information as are many other people operating out of the public eye. You may never EVER in your life know who they are. They’re working to save your freedoms for you! And sometimes I have to sit back and say “Why are we all doing this? Why is he doing this? Why are all these people doing this??? When most of you sit back and do nothing”…. You are also wrong in hiding. I want you to read my lips “NEW WORLD ORDER”! There’s nowhere you can run and hide unless you can get OFF THIS PLANET! And forget about aliens bringing this stuff about, the only people you need to fear are humans, and being afraid is not going to solve our problems because fear is weapon they use against us”.

                                                                                                Milton William Cooper – May 18th 1993


Religion’s for suckas… right?

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“See all the time you thought religion was something stupid – didn’t have anything at all to do with world events… but you’re wrong. It has everything to do with everything. Whether you believe it or not, whether I believe it or not – doesn’t make a difference. If the people who have the power who are in control believe it, it will affect us all. Understand that, because it is true”.


                                                                                                Milton William Cooper – March 30th 1993

2001… Science Fiction or Science Fact?

HALquotes.004-e1363830156673“HAL represented many things… the state of the art of technology, where it became so complicated that no one man could be an expert in it and thus might, unknowingly, participate in the building of a technology which could destroy him yet he only worked on a part or a portion of it, the knowledge of which did not indicate to him that the end product could be a danger. And we see that happening now, don’t we? Where everybody has to specialise in one small portion of technology, because the overall picture is so complicated and so far beyond our understanding that we see the prediction made in the movie 2001 actually becoming true before our very eyes. Just in my lifetime I’ve seen automobiles that I could take apart and put together myself blindfolded as a teenager, to driving automobiles that I could lift the hood of and not even recognise most of what I’m looking at, except I know that it’s an engine in there, and I know that it’s got a fuel delivery system and some kind of a system that ignites the fuel, but the technology has surpassed my ability to take it apart and put it back together again without many months or years of specialised training. And this has occurred across the board in our technology and as I’ve told you before, I will tell you again tonight dear listeners; in secret – whatever you perceive as the state of technology in the public eye, the very cutting edge – in secret they are a minimum of fifty to one hundred years ahead, to the point that science fiction is no longer fiction and hasn’t been for quite some time… but IS, in all actuality, Science fact”.

Milton William Cooper – February 11th 1993