You’re no fun anymore

2016 – the beginning of the end. Well, here’s hoping. You see, some of us just want to watch the world burn. When people ask me “What makes you happy?” I usually give them convoluted answers that comprise 50% of what they want to hear and 50% of what I want to say, but I rarely speak the simple truth… I want to watch the world tear itself apart. Honestly, I might prefer paradise, but that’s unlikely. The world is always threatening to implode, but it never does, and to me that’s just a woman taking off her bra and screaming “Whatcha lookin’ at?” So in the immortal words of echs Incognito – “You’ll all kill each other eventually – GET IT OVER WITH!”

But, this aint about me and my wishes. What makes you happy? – You people who ask me that same dumb-arse question… What? Blissful ignorance? I’d rather be aware of reality and miserable than blind to the truth and happy. Happiness is over-rated. Happy slaves – everywhere… the cause of my misery. So to the conceited arseholes who extend fake sympathy to me like I’m some kind of charity case and they are in a position of strength… I need to remind you of your weakness, because the moment I take away your bread and circuses YOU ARE WELL FUCKED AND FAR FROM HOME! and then, and only then, will I be HAPPY.

Test common perceptions and tear official stories apart – that’s me.

Herd mentality and believing what suits your mundane existence – that’s you.

No, fuck it. I’ll tell you what makes me happy… Making music, taking drugs and engaging in some sexual activities that some people might find offensive. That makes me happier than a pig in shit. And better still, knowing how I can do these things, live fast, die young, leave a fat bloated corpse and move on to other worlds where I can obtain the truth I seek, and you can move on to another prison planet to offer you safety and security from the truth you deny. That puts a smile on my loaf and it still sucks to be you.

Quick, the world’s burning! Some grab a hose, others run for their life… I watch and laugh.