2001… Science Fiction or Science Fact?

HALquotes.004-e1363830156673“HAL represented many things… the state of the art of technology, where it became so complicated that no one man could be an expert in it and thus might, unknowingly, participate in the building of a technology which could destroy him yet he only worked on a part or a portion of it, the knowledge of which did not indicate to him that the end product could be a danger. And we see that happening now, don’t we? Where everybody has to specialise in one small portion of technology, because the overall picture is so complicated and so far beyond our understanding that we see the prediction made in the movie 2001 actually becoming true before our very eyes. Just in my lifetime I’ve seen automobiles that I could take apart and put together myself blindfolded as a teenager, to driving automobiles that I could lift the hood of and not even recognise most of what I’m looking at, except I know that it’s an engine in there, and I know that it’s got a fuel delivery system and some kind of a system that ignites the fuel, but the technology has surpassed my ability to take it apart and put it back together again without many months or years of specialised training. And this has occurred across the board in our technology and as I’ve told you before, I will tell you again tonight dear listeners; in secret – whatever you perceive as the state of technology in the public eye, the very cutting edge – in secret they are a minimum of fifty to one hundred years ahead, to the point that science fiction is no longer fiction and hasn’t been for quite some time… but IS, in all actuality, Science fact”.

Milton William Cooper – February 11th 1993


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